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Oceans, Estuaries and Coastal Habitats through Community Development,  Education and Innovative Research

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Environmental and Outdoor Education

Diana Muller is an   

accomplished environmental researchers, educators, and community leaders.  They have a passtion to drive positive change in estuarine, coastal, national resource management, environmental protection, and sustainability initiatives.  This team brings over 30-years professional experience between them in both non-profit and for-profit business sectors.   They are have created community partnerships, directing action-oriented teams, and determining strategic plans with data-driven decisions. 


Innovative Scientific Research

We utilize a variety of innovative scientific technique to model spatiotemporal, climate change, and sustainability in  coastal habitats, triblets, and estuaries.  See our publication section for our lastest research.


Professional Development

We provide citizen science training and discussions to watershed groups, community-based organization, and faith based groups interested in water quality field testing, SOP, QAPP writing, watershed or coastal scorecards.

We also perform Professional Development for teachers K-12 using MWEE, Maryland Environmental Literacy and Second Generation Science Standards.

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We are dedicated to Saving, Restoring, and Celebrating our Coastal Habitats through Community-Based Education, Professional Development and Scientific Research.  Through your generous donation, we can save our Coastal Habitats!

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